Black Storm

8 years ago - the worst day of Sarah Lewis's life made her a superstar. When river pirates stormed the research vessel Ocean Explorer and murdered expedition leader Sir Douglas Scott, Lewis instinctively filmed the events. That event started her career as an award-winning documentary film-maker … and haunts her dreams every night.

5 years ago - Jason Yeager left a successful Coast Guard career to join Black Storm Security, the world's largest private military contractor. He now trains military and law enforcement personnel in maritime security and tactics for boarding potentially hostile vessels.

Now - infamous pirate captain Diego Roberts captures the Attentive IV, a container ship carrying former Soviet weapons through the Indian Ocean. Roberts is not an unemployed Somali fisherman; he's organised, cunning and ruthless.

His threat is to destroy the ship, its crew and cargo if $5m in uncut diamonds aren't airdropped onto his ship in 3 days.

Yeager and Lewis find themselves in a race against time, on a hijacked vessel, surrounded by armed pirates, and not sure who they can trust...

Black Storm, a work-in-progress novel by bgm hall starts off with a modern-day pirate attack, then mixes in elements of private military contractors and hostage negotiators, all told through the lens of a documentary film-maker who gets caught up in the action while trying to fight her own inner demons. 

The novel Blue Prime contains an exclusive preview of the opening of Black Storm.