Blue Prime

Buy now from Blue Prime - a full-length action novel from bgm hall.

Los Angeles

20 seconds into the future

and 2 degrees closer to hell…

Beneath the glamor of the City of Angels - the mansions and movie stars, high-tech manufacturing and software startups, beaches and designer stores - lies an underbelly of crime and corruption.

LAPD, the city's guardian, is failing in its mission to protect and to serve; blighted by corruption, politics, cover-ups, budget cuts and an inability to confront organised crime head-on.

Then Blue Prime appears.

It starts with rumors, whispered stories of a shadowy armored warrior declaring war on LA's gangs and corrupt officials. Is it a gangland enforcer, a secret SWAT team, or a lone vigilante protecting LA's citizens?

Detectives Alex McCloud and Derrick Brandon are ordered to investigate and quietly determine if the dark figure is a rogue cop. As they dig, it becomes clear that everyone has secrets, everybody lies and nobody is what they seem.

When Blue Prime goes public, announcing a mission to clean up LA, it triggers a firestorm of responses from politicians, media, police and the criminal underworld...

Blue Prime, an e-book thriller with a tech edge from author bgm hall, asks what happens if someone tries to be a comic book crime fighter in the real world?

If you've ever wondered what would happen if James Ellroy wrote Batman, Lee Child penned a Spiderman tale or you could read Michael Connelly's Watchmen or Kick-Ass by Kathy Reichs, then try Blue Prime - available now.

Read the preview chapter here or when you buy Project-52. Then, check out:
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