Merry Christmas, Mr Stark

I have a new favorite Christmas movie: Iron Man 3.

It used to be Die Hard, as nothing says "the holiday season" like running around Nakatomi Plaza with a pistol Santa-taped to your back, hunting Severus Snape. True, you could make a good argument for Die Hard 2, Gremlins, Long Kiss Goodnight, Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (the last three all written by Shane Black, who seems to have a Christmas theme in lots of his stuff) or even Eyes Wide Shut, but McClane was always top of my list.

But Iron Man 3 managed the perfect combination of action, gadgets, jokes, enough Christmas in the plot to make it important without laying it on too thick, a clever reveal on the Mandarin1, plus lots of Pepper action, self-deprecating humor and a great post-credit sequence.

Only downside is: now I have to revise a passage in Black Storm where a character refers to Die Hard as her favorite Christmas movie, because she would have the same reaction as I did.

  • 1. Which I'd heard rumored as a spoiler and thought "just like in Batman Begins" but the Marvel guys handled in a very smart way, effectively casting Ben Kingsley as a run-down version of himself.