Project-52 Easter Egg

Those of you who have read Project-52 will have noticed the start of an Easter Egg in the final "Joker (red)" chapter.1

As I mentioned last week, I enjoy watching DVD/Blu-Ray Behind the scenes features, and I also like Easter Eggs, i.e. hidden features that you only find if you look for them.

Books can have Easter Eggs too. These are usually links to on-line bonus content, although Dan Brown's publisher created some quite complicated puzzles leading to prizes, based around The Da Vinci Code.

My Easter Egg isn't as complicated as Brown's and there's no prize money involved, just a chance to find some extra information about the characters and imagery in Project-52. The word in the picture gives the main clue about how to turn the cards into letters (and then it should be pretty easy to figure out what to do with them).

So, if you've bought Project-52 but haven't solved the Easter Egg, I suggest you give it a try.

And if you don't own Project-52, why not check it out at Amazon?

  • 1. Those of you who haven't will be wondering why the chapter is called "Joker (Red)" rather than "Chapter 54"? Project-52 consists of 54 chapters, each named after a playing card - the story is over when the last card is dealt.