Who is your ideal e-book reader?

Last time I shared my early thoughts on the ideal reader for Blue Prime. In that case, I was focused on content, i.e. who would like the novel for the type of story it was.

As I shifted my mindset to e-book publication, in the early days of thinking about Project-52, I came up with the following profile for typical readers for my e-books:

Martin Jones1 is 40, a share trader in a New York firm, who spends half an hour on the subway each morning and evening. He loves to read – gets a stack of novels from the library ever week, has three large bookshelves double-stacked with thrillers (Clancy, Grisham, King, Baldacci etc). But…he hasn’t read a physical newspaper in two years, getting his news from on-line sites. But… he just got an iPad or Kindle for his birthday and is dying to try it out. As he embraces the new format, he’s keen to try a new author.

Susie Smith is 20, a nursing student living in the outskirts of Sydney. She’s Gen-Z, has been surfing the net since she was 5, blogging since 10, tweeting since 12 and hasn’t read a paper book that wasn’t mandated by a teacher, nor physically picked up a video from a shop. If it’s not delivered wirelessly, she doesn’t want it. She likes adventure, has read a ton of on-line YA fiction but now wants to try something harder. She doesn’t want to read about old people who don’t understand her world, so is seeking e-book thrillers with a tech edge.

This description manages to combine thoughts on both the type of person who would be into the stories and the type of person who would be into reading them electronically. As I write Black Storm I've been thinking of readers who embody both ideas: people who like action stories with darker, complicated characters and who do all of their reading on screens.

  • 1. Not intended to be a relation to the Steve Jones reader from last time - I just picked a generic common name and didn't compare notes but, hey, maybe they're brothers!